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The Adoption Process

Fill Out An Application

Await Review of Application

Complete A Phone Interview

An adoption councelor will reach out to you if we decide to pursue your application further! They will schedule a 15-30 minute phone interview to discuss your application.

Complete A Home Check

If our counselors wish to pursue your application further, they will provide instructions on how to schedule/conduct a home check

Schedule A Meet And Adopt!

Our adult dogs would love to meet your family and current dogs! These are scheduled private meetings with the adopters and the dogs!

**Young puppies/kittens are not fully vaccinated. In this case, they are not eligible for meets. These puppies/kittens are available for reservation for pickup for adoption ONLY. They cannot and will not be exposed to multiple families and environments that could potentially cause illness.

Required Adoption Donations


Our dogs and puppies have set adoption costs. These donations help to offset the cost of their care and medical needs for the dogs. 

Puppy (400)

Age 8 weeks to 10 months

Young Dog (350)

Age 11 months to 3 years

Adult Dogs (300)

Age 4 years to 7 years

Mature Dogs (200)

Age 8 + years 

Small Breed Dogs (+)

Subject to age and medical care needed


Kittens (150)

Age 8 weeks to 10 months

Cats (100)

Age 11 months to 10 years

Mature Cats (50)

Age 10 years +

*discount available when adopted in pairs on kittens only!*

What Is Included?

All Adopted Dogs Leave Us With

All Adopted Cats Leave Us With

Adoption Q&A

Who can Adopt?

Anyone over the age of 18 can apply to adopt a dog or cat from us. We do not place age minimums and view each application on a case by case basis. 

Do I have to have a physical fence?

No, unless the dog's profile specifically states that they need a physically fenced yard, we do not require them. We do however expect our adopters to have a plan to exercise and toilet their pets safely.

How quickly should I expect to hear back?

We are volunteer run and we do our best to contact adopters quickly! We pride ourselves on picking the perfect fit for each pet and adopter. If you have not heard back within 1 calendar week of applying to adopt, we likely have decided to pursue another application for the pet. 

Will you contact my references and veternarian?

We absolutly will contact your references and veternarian office! Please call your vet to permit them to share information with a rescue organization! This will help to expedite the process. It is a good idea to let your listed references know they will recieve communications from us also (likely text messaging).